Axle Pad Scales

Axle Pad Scales

Portable Truck Weighing Scales

Axle pad scales, also referred to as axle pads or wheel load scales, measure a vehicles axle weights in order to determine a vehicle’s overall weight. Massload Technologies is a premier supplier of ultra-durable, low-profile axle pad scales for accurate vehicle weight across multiple industries. Our axle pads feature a large weighing surface and provide axle weight measurements accurate to within 0.25% FS. Truck axle scales can be used with ramps for above-ground installations or flush with concrete for a pit-installed permanent application. Our axle pads are typically sold in pairs but can also be sold in multiples to get complete trailer or truck weight in one weighment. This system is not to be used in legal for trade applications.

Above-ground installations are forklift portable and should be used with Massload quick disconnect cable (see options). View the benefits and applications of our axle pad scales by category below, Contact Us online or Request a Solution.



Axle Pad Scale Advantages

Axle pad scales allow drivers and companies to avoid fines associated with overweight vehicles. Axle pad scales prevent costly damage to the vehicle axles, drive shafts, tires and overall operations by ensuring that vehicles aren’t over capacity. An overweight vehicle can consume more fuel than a vehicle that is within proper weight limits. Overweight vehicles can also cause damage to roads and negatively impact a vehicle’s breaking capabilities and stopping distance. As a result, this could endanger other drivers and the driver operating the vehicle. Additionally, overweight vehicles can result in a voided insurance policy, so it is imperative to have an axle pad scale that provides accurate readings.

Axle Pad Scale Size Options

  • 84″ x 30″ axle pads for dual axle truck weighing – Dual or Tandem axle pad scales measure the weight of double wheel axle vehicles.
  • 144″ x 30″ axle pads for tri-axle truck weighing – Tri-axle pad scales are used to measure triple wheel axle vehicles.
  • 168″ x 30″ axle pads for dual and tri-axle truck weighing – Longer tri-axle pad scales for wide-spread tri-axles offering all the capabilities of the regular tri-axle scale.

Product Details

Axle Pad Scale Accuracy & Specifications

Massload axle pad scales are fully electronic and feature a large weigh surface to quickly and accurately weigh large vehicles. Some product specifications include:

  • Gross vehicle weight (Super-B) accurate to within 1% FS
  • Axle weight accurate to within 0.25% FS
  • 6″ low profile for ease of use
  • 2″ clearance under platforms
  • Forklift portable for use in multiple locations


Why Choose Massload Technologies for Axle Pad Scales

Massload’s axle pad scales provide proven durability under the toughest conditions. Our axle pad scales offer improved accuracy compared to competing brands, and can hold up to repeated weighing processes in damaging environments. Our axle pad scales can even provide accurate readings when used on compacted yard gravel. Every Massload scale is fully made in Canada. Scales come calibrated with fully traceable certified weights. Our scales are warranty protected, including a 10 year warranty on the axle scale platform, a 5 year warranty on our Made in Canada truck scale load cells and a 2 year warranty on electronics, printer & cables.


Rated Capacity (pounds)

84″ axle scale: 30,000 lbs/pad (60,000 lbs/axle grouping)
144″ axle scale: 40,000 lbs/pad (80,000 lbs/axle grouping)
168″ axle scale: 30,000 lbs/pad (80,000 lbs/axle grouping)

Load Cells

ML 1100-25K (Output: 2mV/V)


Gross Vehicle Weight (Super-B Train) independently tested to accuracy of 1% FS nominal
Individual axle weight tested to accuracy of 0.25% FS nominal

Overload Capacity

150% full scale safe overload
300% full scale ultimate overload

Temperature Range

-40ºC to +80ºC (operating)
-10ºC to +40ºC (compensated)


20 lbs (30,000 lbs and 40,000 lbs capacity). Calibration in kg is available.


Load Cells: Made by Massload in Canada with quality alloy steel from USA or Europe.
Platforms: Made by Massload in Canada from heavy duty high strength Canadian steel.
Instrumentation: Western Scale, Made in Canada
Custom Cabling: Made in Canada

Fatigue Limit

Infinite cycles per day (axle loads)

Ground Requirements

The ground must be flat and level, fully supporting loads and with proper drainage
Suitable for compacted yard gravel, concrete or pavement


Platform Weighing surface:
84″ x 30″ x 6″ – for Tandem
144″ x 30″ x 6″ – for Tri-axle
168″ x 30″ x 6″ – for Super-B train

Sealing Standard

IP-66: totally protected from dust; protected from strong jets of water


Axle scales are powered by digital load cell indicator

Axle Pad Scale Options

We offer a wide range of compatible axle pad scale components in addition to our selection of load cells and weigh modules. Select product options include:

  • Extended Axle Scale Sizes
  • High Capacity Load Cells
  • Military Quick Connect
  • Rodent Proof Molded Cables
  • Quality Digital Indicators
  • Remote Displays
  • Wireless Options
  • Ticket Roll Printers
  • 30” x 30” Axle Pad Scales



In addition to our 7ft, 12ft and 14ft models, it is possible to join extra 7ft sections to make longer scales of 21ft or more.


Axle pads scales can also be purchased with Massload durable 50,000 lb load cells (versus 25,000 lb). This doubles the axle scale rated capacity and is used in applications where there is significant shock loading in the weighing process or for industrial heavy-duty hauling applications.


Military connections and quick disconnect cables are provided at no charge. This cable connection allows for fast set-up and is suitable for portable truck scale applications where the pads are being disconnected and moved during use. This connection type also allows for easy replacement of cable should it ever get damaged.


Our custom molded cables are now available with rodent proof sleeving to ensure trouble-free operation throughout the year.


The standard digital indicator is the quality Made in Canada Western Scale M1 Digital Indicator.
For optional truck-in-truck out programming the Western Scale M2000A indicator is available.


A variety of quality Canadian Made remote displays are available. The Western Scale Aurora 45 is our most popular model


For cable free operation we have a wireless system to PC running the Massload Advanced Weigh Scale Software application

MAWS Massload Advanced Weigh Scale Software by Massload Technologies


This ticket printer is custom configured and programmed for Massload Technologies and is a durable ticket roll printer.
Massload can customize the ticket printer to provide the data and format you need.

Also available is a TM-U295 slip printer where multi-copy ticket slips are required .


These axle pads have the same specifications as standard axle pad models except for their shorter length. They are often used in trailer weighing applications with the front legs of the trailer being weighed with 30″ axle pads while the rear truck axles are weighed with 84″ or 144″ axle pads. The signals are then summed with a multi-channel indicator for total trailer weight.

Axle Pad Scales For Various Industries

Our team of experts understands the industry regulations and requirements for accurate weighing systems. We have experience providing accurate axle pad scales to industries requiring rugged, heavy-duty weighing solutions. Frequent industries served include Mining, Truck Weighing, Traffic Enforcement, Trailer Weighing & Agriculture.

Contact Massload For Custom Axle Pad Scales

We are confident we have an axle pad scale for your application. Contact Us online or Request a Solution and let us find the axle pad scales you need.


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