Industrial Load Cells, Truck Scales, Crane Scales, and Electronic Instruments

Massload offers a wide range of load cells and weigh modules for legal for trade weighing, general purpose weighing, on-board weighing, tank/hopper and process batching plus a range of electronic instrumentation including wireless transmitter-receivers, scale indicators and readouts, remote displays, junction boxes, custom moulded cables, mV/V, 4-20mA, 0-10V and PLC outputs.


Portable Truck Axle Scales

These rugged, accurate, easy-to-use axle pad scales feature auto weigh, which provides a single user with the truck weight in seconds. Built with our high quality Canadian made load cells on a rugged steel platform and calibrated with certified weights.

Massload Weighing Solutions

Massload designs and manufactures custom load cells, tension cells, and load pins for Original Equipment Manufacturers, particularly in the mining, oil and gas, agriculture, and material handling industries.

Massload’s in-house engineering and product specialist team is skilled in understanding complex weighing issues, assisting customers to determine their technical requirements, and working with them to design solutions that meet their specific needs, then producing those solutions within critical cycle times.

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Industrial Applications

underground mining site


Wide view of oil and gas installation

Oil & Gas

combine harvester loading grain cart


truck tractor being weighed on massload axle pad scale

Truck Weighing

Ultraslim Portable Vehicle Weight Scale Traffic Enforcement 2 By Massload Technologies

Traffic Enforcement


Trailer Weighing

mobile cement batch plant using massload industrial weigh hopper load cells

Process Batching and On-Board Weighing

overhead crane beam

Material Handling & Crane Modernization

original equipment manufacturer factory

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

mobile hoist lift

Lifting & Hoisting

hydro dam spill ways

Hydro Dams

truck turned on its side on road shoulder in winter

Vehicle Recovery

large boat suspended by 4 slings

Boat Lifting & Building

cable ferry suited for rope tension measurment using massload floater scales

Cable Ferry Line Tension Monitor

construction sites use hook load sensors to ensure safe lifting


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Massload's dedicated team of engineers and application specialists are highly skilled at understanding the complexities of weighing, assisting customers to determine their technical requirements, and working with them to design solutions that meet their specifc needs

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Grain cart with Massload weigh system using hopper load cells and pintle hitch load cell

Grain Cart

A high accuracy weighing solution was developed for the customer’s grain cart. The solution included double-ended…

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natural gas desander unit using massload custom tank load cell weigh system

Weigh Solution for Prominent Oil & Gas OEM: Natural Gas Desander

The customer needed to measure the weight of the desander vessel during operation. Massload designed a custom…

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custom designed donut weigh hopper load cell for underground surge bin weighing by massload technologies

Underground Surge Bin

A large potash surge bin was suspensed by 24 wire ropes fastened to the mine roof. Load monitors were needed to ensure…

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Who We Are

Massload Technologies is the leading Canadian manufacturer of VCAP certified load cells and quality weighing solutions for the mining, oil and gas, trucking, traffic enforcement, lifting and hoisting, on-board weighing, batch processing and material handling industries..

All products are made to high quality standards and are built to last.

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