Slip Printers and Ticket Roll Printers

Slip Printers and Ticket Roll Printers


  • Epson TM-U295 Slip printers
  • Slip printer can use any paper type or pre-printed ticket (with company letterhead, etc)
  • Massload Ticket Roll Printer
  • Tape roll printer uses standard 2½” roll adding machine paper
  • Printers interface via a RS232 serial port

Product Details

Epson TM-U295 Slip Printer

The TM-U295…

  • Is the smallest slip printer available today
  • Is widely used in many applications including scale operators and is ideal for portable weighing solutions
  • Offers printing capabilities of normal, double and quadruple size print in either horizontal or vertical formats
  • Prints multi-part copies
  • Is available in either serial or parallel versions
  • Meets all world-wide regulatory requirements including UL, CSA and CE mark
  • Utilizes PS-170 Universal Power Supply which is an auto-switching supply for most markets
  • Windows and OPOS compliant
  • Available in Epson Dark Gray (EDG)

Ticket Roll Printer

    The PR-TICKET-PRINTER is a durable thermal roll printer that is custom configured and programmed for Massload Technologies.
    Massload can customize the ticket printer to provide the data and format you desire. Time and Date is standard.
  • Power: 12VDC, with optional 110V AC adapter
  • Paper Type: Tape roll paper
  • Print Type: Thermal
  • Interface: RS-232 cable to host
  • Compact Size: 108 mm (4.25″) L x 3″ (80 mm) W x 1.875″ (48 mm) H



Load cell Indicators can be programmed to produce custom tickets for specific applications. If you have any special ticketing requirements, we can create a ticketing program that meets your exact requirements.

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