Hanging Crane Scale

Hanging Crane Scale

This hanging scale includes a shackle, hook, and mounted LED or LCD display all in one easy to use unit. The crane scale is ideal for smaller tension loads where the operator will be close to the hanging scale to view tension measurement. The crane load cell is a precision S-Type which is an accurate reliable weighing solution for a number of tension applications. A small remote control is included with the scale which allows you to call a number of features from a distance. The digital hanging scale is calibrated with fully traceable certified weights and arrives ready for immediate use.


  • Capacities: 2,000 lbs, 4,000 lbs, 6,000 lbs, 10,000 lbs
  • Factory Calibrated Accuracy Class: OIML III
  • Heavy duty fixed shackle
  • Heavy duty rotatable hook
  • Standard 38mm LED display
  • Optional 30mm LCD display
  • Rechargeable 6V/10Ah battery included
  • Power adaptor 9V/1500mA included
  • Infra-red remote control included
  • Scale uses a precision S-Type load cell
  • Selectable units: kilograms (kg), pounds (lbs)

Product Details

OCSB3 Compact Hanging Crane Scale

The OCSB3 Compact Hanging Crane Scale combines versatility and convenience in the same unit.

This all-in-one design streamlines usage, making it optimal for smaller tension loads where the operator requires close proximity to the scale for tension measurement viewing.


Low battery alarm
Battery supervision
Overload alarm
Auto calibration
3-point linearity correction
Unit switch: kg/lbs
Gravity acceleration
Resolution switch
Auto-off set
Idle set



2,000 lbs, 4,000 lbs, 6,000 lbs, 10,000 lbs

Accuracy Class


Enclosure Material

Die-casting aluminum

Display Type

LED Standard (30mm LCD option OCSB4, request when ordering)

Display Digits

5 digits

Display Height


Operating Temp

-10°C to 40°C/14°F to 104°F

Safe Overload

120% of full scale

Breaking Load

400% of full scale

Rechargeable Battery (included)


Battery Life

100 hours

Power Adapter (included)


Infra-Red Remote Distance



Higher Capacities with OCSA3

20K lb, 30K lb, 40K lb
OCSA4 for LCD option

Lower Capacities with OCSM1

200 lb, 400 lb, 600 lb, 1K lb, 2K lb
OCSM2 for LCD option

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hanging Crane Scales

How Does a Hanging Weighing Scale Work?

A hanging weighing scale, often referred to as a crane scale, operates on a pretty straightforward principle. It uses either a mechanical or electronic system to measure the weight of an object. Mechanical versions typically use a spring mechanism that stretches in response to the weight, while electronic scales use load cells that convert the force of the weight into an electrical signal. This signal is then processed to display the weight on a digital screen. By securely attaching the scale to a crane or hoist, and then attaching the item to be weighed, the scale can accurately measure the weight as it hangs suspended.

How Accurate are Hanging Scales?

The accuracy of hanging scales can vary depending on the model and the technology used. High-quality hanging scales are incredibly accurate, often with a margin of error as small as 0.1% of the total weight being measured. However, factors like the scale’s capacity, environmental conditions, and how well the scale is calibrated can affect accuracy. It’s always a good idea to check the specifications of your particular model and perform regular calibrations to ensure the most accurate readings.

How Do You Read a Hanging Scale?

Reading a hanging scale is generally straightforward. If you’re using a mechanical scale, the weight is indicated by a pointer moving along a numbered scale. You simply read where the pointer stops. For digital scales, the weight is displayed on an LCD or LED screen. After attaching the item to be weighed, ensure that it’s not touching any surrounding objects and is hanging freely. Then, simply read the weight displayed on the screen. Some digital scales also come with additional features like hold functions, which can keep the weight displayed even after the item is removed.

What is a Hanging Weighing Scale Used for?

Hanging weighing scales are incredibly versatile and are used in a variety of settings. They’re commonly found in industrial environments for weighing heavy items that are difficult to place on traditional floor scales, such as large containers, raw materials, or manufactured goods. They’re also used in agriculture for weighing livestock or feed, in shipping and receiving areas for cargo, and even in sports for weighing large fish or game. Their ability to accurately weigh large or bulky items makes them indispensable in many fields.

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