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Massload is known for our high-quality products. We also provide a high quality of service and are here to solve your weighing challenges. To help us serve you better, provide the details of your support request via the form below, or email us at

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Troubleshooting & Technical Support

We are here to provide fast and effective technical support when you experience problems with your product. We will work with you to troubleshoot the issue and determine if repair is required.

Please consult the troubleshooting guide for the Axle Pad Scale here.

Request Troubleshooting / Technical Support via the form below.

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RMA Return and Repair

If your product needs repair, we will issue you with a Return Material Authorization number and shipping label to put on your product before you send it to us. This will ensure your product is properly received and tended to. Once we receive your product, we will perform a detailed diagnosis and inform you whether it can be economically repaired and or needs to be replaced.

Request an RMA / Repair via the form below

calibration and testing services by massload technologies
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Testing And Calibration Services

Don’t forget to have your scale system calibrated on a semi-regular basis. Whether they are individual load cells, tension links, wheel load scales or axle pad systems, you should consider re-calibrating every one to two years to ensure best accuracy.

We have advanced testing and calibration equipment to serve your needs and our calibration fees are very reasonable.

We regularly perform NIST traceable non-destructive testing and calibration of load cells, tension links and load pins up to 90,000 lbs compression / 75,000 lbs tension (in future up to 150,000 lbs for both).

We regularly perform NIST traceable calibration of wheel load scales and calibration of axle pad scales with Weights and Measures certified weights.

We also calibrate many other brands of scale products or a mix of Massload products and other scale indicators.

Request an RMA and Calibration of your product via the form below.

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Custom Gauging Services

  • Custom gauging of new load sensors supplied by our customers
  • Repair/re-gauge of failed load sensors supplied by our customers
  • Strain / deflection measurement of customer devices under NIST traceable loads
  • Custom test jig design and manufacture
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Software Services

Customised software development for weighing applications.

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Solution Development Services

There are times when our customers just need to find a solution or range of solutions to their challenges even though they are not in a position to acquire any products.

We are pleased to offer our expertise on a fee-for-service basis to capture system requirements and investigate and propose potential solutions

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Machining and Fabricating Services

We are a custom machine shop serving customers nationwide across Canada. With years of expertise, our dedicated team has been specializing in serving the mining, agricultural, transportation, oil & gas, and aerospace industries. Our focus lies in both prototyping and manufacturing highly specialized metal components.

Visit our Massload Machining & Fabrication website to learn more.

Machining and Fabricating Services
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Terms and Conditions and Warranties

Please review our Terms & Conditions and Warranties.

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