Traffic Solutions

Traffic Solutions

Traffic weight enforcement made easy with our Ultraslim static wheel load scales and slow-speed mobile Weigh-in-Motion Solutions.

Ultraslim Mobile Vehicle Weighing Scale

Portable Vehicle Weight Scales for Static Weight Enforcement

Massload's extremely popular Ultraslim low profile portable wheel scale with dual tire weigh surface comes with large easy-to-read backlit LCD display or wireless options for fast, easy-to-use vehicle weight enforcement

Setting Up Portable Weigh in Motion Vehicle Scales By Massload Technologies

Slow Speed Portable Weigh-in-Motion

Massload's easy to use slow speed portable weigh-in-motion vehicle scales provide accurate vehicle data for traffic enforcement

Portable Weigh in Motion Levelling Tracking by Massload Technologies

Levelling Tracking

Massload's wheel levelling options for multi-axle vehicles ensure more accurate Portable Vehicle Weight Scales

In-Ground Weigh-in-Motion Vehicle Scales at Customs Border by Massload Technologies

Slow Speed In-Ground Weigh-in-Motion

Massload's rugged in-ground slow speed weigh-in-motion vehicle scales provide reliable vehicle traffic data capture, collection and reporting

M2000 Portable Weigh Scale Data Processor Massload Technologies


Support local manufacture with Massload's rugged and reliable Portable Weigh Data Processor used with Massload's Ultraslim wheel weigh scalesfor vehicle weighing. The M2000-based industrial weight indicator, provides 3-channel weighing, individual wheel weighing, axle weighing, weight totalising, a sturdy dot matrix printer, serial bus output, an internal sealed lead-acid battery and heavy duty military amphenol connectors..

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