Industry Applications

Massload’s quality load cells and weigh scale solutions are used in a wide range of industry applications. Read more about examples of weighing challenges that have been successfully solved.


Massload's technical application team are leaders at developing and implementing solutions for a wide range of mine weigh applications including above and underground vehicle weighing, bin weighing, shaft sinking, galloway weighing, headframe sheave weighing, girder hoisting, belt tensioning and rope attachment sensing.

Oil & Gas

Our application specialists design weigh solutions for a variety of oil and gas applications including gas desanding, proppant weighing, pipe laying, hoisting and wireline tension monitoring.


Massload provides weighing solutions for a diverse range of agricultural applications including all-in-one farm scales, load in-out, air drill calibration, crop yield, grain carts, manure spreading, hay compressors, grain bins, and Ag tire weighing.

Truck Weighing

Our proven industrial grade axle weigh systems are used for many different truck scale applications

Traffic Enforcement

Massload's provides cost effective weigh solutions for traffic enforcement applications including static weight enforcement, mobile slow speed weigh-in-motion and in-ground slow speed weigh-in-motion.

Trailer Weighing

Truck-trailer weighing applications come in many differing configurations and sizes. Massload offers rugged reliable solutions for a wide variety of above ground and in-ground applications.

Process Batching and On-Board Weighing

Process batching applications occur in any industry that mixes and discharges product from bulk containers. Massload technical application specialists work with our clients to develop rugged and reliable all weather solutions for industrial process batching and on-board weighing involving tanks, hoppers, silos and any other vessel weigh application.

Material Handling & Crane Modernization

Massload's technical application team are leaders at developing custom load pin solutions for crane modernization applications including hook block, sheave load, and secondary sheave load monitoring as well as for standard lifting solutions in material handling applications.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Our technical application specialists are ready to assist OEMs in developing rugged, reliable and cost effective weighing applications for any industry.

Lifting & Hoisting

Lifting and hoisting present a wide variety of weigh applications. Massload offers robust industrial solutions in tension weighing, shackle weighing, dynamic wire rope tension monitoring, dead-end line tension monitoring, and hoist drum load monitoring.

Hydro Dams

Massload provides tailored solutions for hydro dam weigh applications include sluice gate cable tension monitoring, and overhead crane load sensing.

Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle rescue recovery can be a hazardous activity. The large loads from truck rollovers should be safely monitored to avoid tipping of the rotator truck/ tow truck, overloading vehicle lifting points resulting in structural damage to vehicle, and overloading of winch ropes. During winter, additional loads can occur due to snow resistance and ice binding requiring extra caution. Massload provides rugged wireless load monitoring to facilitate safe accident-free lifting.

Boat Lifting & Building

Massload provides solutions for boat lifting applications needed for dry docking, boat maintenance as well as boat centre of gravity determination. In addition, Massload's technical applications team offers custom solutions for boat weighing during construction phase to ensure boat centre of gravity is achieved as per design blueprints.

Cable Ferry Line Tension Monitor

Massload designs solutions for cable ferry weigh applications including cable tension monitoring to prevent overload damage to wire ropes as the ferry traverses its waterway.


Massload offers rugged and reliable solutions to construction weigh applications such as lifting and vehicle check weighing.

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