Custom Solutions


Massload specialises in the rapid and quality execution of custom design, engineering, manufacture and testing of a wide range of custom load cell systems and weigh solutions to meet the needs of industrial customers in the truck weighing, crane modernization, material handling, mining, oil and gas, batch processing, agricultural and industrial markets.

Even though Massload offers a wide range of high-quality strain gauge transducers and scale standard products, there are times when our customer’s situation requires something more unique.

Our in-house engineering and product specialists are available to custom design a load cell or industrial weighing scale to your unique requirements and Massload’s dedicated after-sales customer support and service personnel are here to ensure your industrial weighing solution will continue to perform year after year.

Massload offers the following levels of customisation:


In this process, Massload customises an existing product or scale system configuration to meet the customer’s need. This can range from offering a variety of different interfaces such as mV/V, 0-10V, 4-20mA or wireless with existing products, to customizing a scale system such as a trailer weighing system based on an array of axle scale platforms configured to the customers unique situation.

Our knowledgeable and skilled technical sales personnel make it easy for you by asking all the right questions to comprehend the key industrial weighing system requirements, then propose a system configuration that will ensure your needs are exactly met.


In this situation, the customer requires modifications to an existing product design, such as an axle pad scale modified for weighing underground mining vehicles, or a tension link clevis modified to accommodate specific bushings. With our integrated machining and fabrication facility Massload Machining and Fabrication under one roof, Massload has the capacity to quickly modify existing product to meet your specific needs.


Custom design is required when the customer needs a load cell or scale product that does not currently exist and seeks a vendor to design a new product. Common examples include custom load pins used in crane modernization projects, underground mining hoists, agricultural machinery, paper mills, and many other applications. Another common example is a custom tension link used in various lifting or mining applications.

Mining Hoist Load Pins

Large Mining Tension Link

All Massload custom designed load cells are designed using the latest technology in 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis and manufactured through our specialized VCAP Quality Management System. Our advanced load cell testing facility has a capacity up to 150,000 lbs, traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) USA.

Massload offers a responsive and streamlined design and manufacturing flow that ensures your technical requirements are met and the product is professionally engineered, manufactured, tested and calibrated in record time. Our knowledgeable and skilled technical sales personnel and engineers work together to make it easy for you by asking the right questions to capture the key weighing system requirements, then propose a product design that will ensure your needs are met.