M2000A Digital Load Cell Weight Indicator

M2000A Digital Load Cell Weight Indicator

The classic M2000 digital indicator has more than 14 years of history being a high performance, low cost indicator with a track record of several thousands of units in use today. The M2000 supports analog and digital load cell systems. It can display up to 10,000 divisions with sampling up to 100 times a second per channel, ideal for demanding weighing applications such as high speed batching.

Multi-channel capability allows the M2000 (3ch) to power and display up to 3 separate scales. All channels on the M2000 are independent, but can be summed together in total mode (if critearia met). It allows you to switch to indiviual channel weights.


  • Most widely sold digital indicator in Canada
  • Numerous enclosure options to fit your needs
  • Weather proof enclosure
  • Expandable option cards
  • Programmable ticket macros
  • Multiple communication ports for remote score boards, printers, and other hardware
  • Power supply is capable of 110V to 250V AC
  • Power supply is capable of direct 12VDC input
  • NTEP Class II/IIIL certified
  • 2 years warranty

Product Details

M2000 Digital Readout

For over 14 years, the M2000 Digital Indicator has been synonymous with high performance and cost-efficiency. With a track record boasting thousands of units in operation, this classic indicator has earned its reputation as a reliable choice. Its versatility and robust design make it a preferred solution across various industries.

Multi-channel capability allows the M2000 (3ch) to power and display up to 3 separate scales. All channels on the M2000 are independent, but can be summed together in total mode (if criteria met). It allows you to switch to individual channel weights.


Channel options

Available in 1 and 3 channel models


Programmable and extremely versatile


Full keypad calibration to any test weight
Zero plus up to 3 linearity correction points


Password (Category 1 Audit Trail system) or physical seal option


Interactive Ticket Macros for accumulation, Truck In/Out, axle weighing etc.
Store up to 100 truck IDs and associated Tare weights
Programmable to customers needs


Available in single or dual communication ports
Over 20 selectable output strings
Wireless option available

Remote Inputs

Optional 6 remote inputs


Optional 6 Setpoints available (AC or DC)


Optional single 4-20mA output available


12VDC 1A (1.5A max.)
Consumption 200mA


7.5VDC. Up to 16-350 ohm or 32-700 ohm load cells


Membrane keypad: 16 numeric function keys


3/4″ high red LED
6 digit (7 segments)


520,000 internal counts
100,000 external counts

Operating range

14F to 104F (-10C to 40C)


NTEP Class II/IIIL. Measurement Canada Class III


This is the most basic model and comes with a swivel bracket to attach to a wall, cab of a truck, or control pannel. This display case is not sealed at the back with exposed wires so it is not protected from dust or water.


This model can be placed on any desktop surface. This dispaly is meant for internal use and is not designed to take excessive water or dust.


This unit comes in a heavy duty NEMA 4X enclosure to make it totally dust proof and protected from strong jets of water.


Wires create limits on how far you can transmit signal from load cell to indicator and from indicator to remote score board.

ScaleLink wireless transceivers allow you to communicate wirelessly between any indicator capable of RS232, RS422 or 20mA current loop (passive only) communications to a range of over 1000 feet. This allows you to zero the scale, net, tare, and print programmable tickets at long distances.

The wireless transceiver is externally mounted to the indicator, and there are two options available for the remote device.

Option 1:One way communication to the device.
Option 2:Two way communications between the device and the base indicator.

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