Truck Axle Scales

Truck Axle Scales

Massload manufactures a range of high quality axle pad scales for weighing underground mining vehicles and underground utility vehicles to monitor loads, prevent overloading and premature mechanical failure. Our axle pad scales are also used in above ground mining and other industrial truck load weighing applications.

Massload manufactures a range of hand portable Ultraslim wheel load scales for checking weighing and traffic enforcement and portable weigh-in-motion scales and software for load control and traffic enforcement

Axle Pad Truck Scale

Axle Pad Scales

Axle pad truck scales are extremely rugged and accurate. Built with our high quality Canadian made load cells on a rugged steel platform and calibrated with certified weights. Easy-to-use auto weigh feature provides a single user truck weighing in seconds.

Axle Pad Farm Scale

Farm Truck Scales

Rugged, reliable and economic. Massload's Axle Pad Farm Scales help you optimize your farm through input weighing, air drill and combine yield monitor calibration, and outbound overload fine prevention.

Axle Pad Mining Scale

Mining Vehicle Scales

Massload's easy to use High Capacity Axle Scales and Advanced Weigh Scale Software provide loader calibration, overload protection and load optimization for surface and underground mining vehicle fleets as well as for mining utility vehicles.

Axle Scale Truck Trailer Weigh System

Trailer Loading Dock Scales

Massload's range of configurable axle pad scales provide heavy duty, reliable and easy to use solutions for any truck trailer loading setup.

Ultraslim Mobile Vehicle Weighing Scale

Ultraslim Portable Vehicle Weight Scales

Our extremely popular low profile Ultraslim wheel load scale has a dual tire weigh surface and our large LCD display making it a very portable and easy-to-use wheel weigher. With pad capacities up to 40K lbs it provides an economical truck axle scale.

Standard Wheel Load Scale

Standard Wheel Load Scales

These light weight yet rugged wheel load scales are ideal for wheel weighing on the go. Built with our high quality Canadian made load cells in a heavy duty cast aluminum body and our highly accurate LCD display providing a cost effective truck scale. We regret this model is currently unavailable while we resolve supply chain issues.

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