Truck Axle Scales

Truck Axle Scales

Portable Truck Scales For Multiple Applications

Accurate, durable truck scales are essential for monitoring loads, avoiding overloading, and preventing premature mechanical failure. Massload Technologies manufactures a range of high-quality axle pad scales for weighing underground mining vehicles, underground utility vehicles and industrial truck load weighing applications. We offer factory calibrated Canadian-made truck axle scales featuring auto-weigh, dual tire weigh surfaces, and application-specific features. Massload’s hand portable Ultraslim wheel load scales and portable weigh-in-motion scales are designed for check weighing and traffic enforcement. Our selection of industrial weigh scale systems includes load cells, strain gauge load cells, digital indicators, amplifiers, and other components required for efficient and accurate truck load weighing.

View the benefits and applications of a Truck Axle Scale from Massload by category below or Contact an Expert from our team and let us find a solution to your vehicle or trailer weighing needs.

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Axle Pad Truck Scale

Axle Pad Scales

These rugged, accurate, easy-to-use axle pad scales feature auto weigh, which provides a single user with the truck weight in seconds. Built with our high quality Canadian made load cells on a rugged steel platform and calibrated with certified weights.

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Axle Pad Farm Scale

Farm Truck Scales

Rugged, reliable and economic. Massload's Axle Pad Farm Scales help you optimize your farm through input weighing, air drill and combine yield monitor calibration, and outbound overload fine prevention. Farm truck scales are designed to weigh Large Super B Train Trucks and ag equipment. Wired and wireless options are available.

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Ultraslim Mobile Vehicle Weighing Scale

Ultraslim Portable Vehicle Weight Scales

Our extremely popular low profile Ultraslim wheel load scale has a dual tire weigh surface and our large LCD display making it a very portable and easy-to-use wheel weigher. With weigh pad capacities up to 40,000 lbs, it provides an economical truck axle scale for Tandems, Tri-Axle Trailer, Super-B Trains, Ag Equipment, Law Enforcement Vehicles & more.

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Axle Pad Mining Scale

Mining Vehicle Scales

These large, heavy duty axle pad scales are ideal for mining truck weight checking and calibration of truck scales and loader scales to ensure optimized loading and operational throughput.

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Standard Wheel Load Scale

Standard Wheel Load Scales

These light weight yet rugged wheel load scales are ideal for wheel weighing on the go. Built with our high quality Canadian made load cells in a heavy duty cast aluminum body and our highly accurate LCD display providing a cost effective truck scale. We regret this model is currently unavailable while we resolve supply chain issues.

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Axle Scale Truck Trailer Weigh System

Trailer Loading Dock Scales

Massload's range of configurable axle pad scales provide heavy duty, reliable and easy to use solutions for any truck trailer loading setup. These scales offer a large weighing surface and can accommodate dual axle truck weighing and tri-axle truck trailer weighing.

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Truck Axle Scale Benefits & Applications

Axle Pad Scales

These calibrated scales feature a large weighing surface and low 6” profile, making for the easiest and most efficient methods for determining truck axle weight. Axle pad scales can be used with ramps for above ground installations or flush with concrete for a pit-installed permanent application. Highlights include Axle weight accurate to within 0.25% FS and Gross vehicle weight (Super-B) accurate to within 1% FS.


  • Large Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Tankers
  • Trailers
  • Heavy Duty Equipment

Farm Truck Scales

The rugged, reliable Massload Farm Scale™ is designed for easy installation and use directly on farm yard compacted gravel or on a concrete pad. Highlights include real-time data management with Truck-in / Truck-out capability and in-ground Weigh-in-Motion systems for touch free operation.


  • Large Super-B Train Trucks
  • Ag Equipment

Mining Vehicle Scales

Massload’s easy to use High Capacity Axle Scales and Advanced Weigh Scale Software provide loader calibration, overload protection and load optimization. Mining vehicle scale features include Axle weight accumulation and totalization, Truck ID capture before or after weigh, Truck-in / Truck-out and Data logging for operational analysis.


  • Surface and Underground Mining Vehicle Fleets
  • Mining Utility Vehicles

Trailer Loading Dock Scales

Trailer loading axle pads are IP-66: totally protected from dust and strong jets of water for improved longevity. These scales offer individual axle weight tested to an accuracy of 0.25% FS nominal.

Ultraslim Portable Vehicle Weight Scales and Truck Scales

Our Ultraslim wheel load scales are extremely low profile, portable, and come with two attachable ramps for static weighing. Additional options include a built-in LCD display, built-in wireless, and a military quick disconnect cable.


  • Tandem
  • Tri-Axle Trailer
  • Super-B Trains
  • Ag Equipment
  • Law Enforcement Vehicles

Truck Axle Scales For Various Industries

Our team of experts understands the industry regulations and requirements for accurate weighing systems. We have experience providing accurate truck axle scales to industries requiring rugged, heavy duty weighing solutions:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Load Cells

How Are Truck Axle Scales Used?

Truck axle scales are used in several ways:
Compliance: They help ensure that each axle is carrying a legal load, avoiding penalties for overloading.
Safety: By checking that the weight is evenly distributed across all axles, they help prevent accidents caused by improperly balanced loads.
Maintenance: Proper weight distribution can reduce wear on the vehicle’s axle, tires, and road surfaces.
Efficiency: They can be used to optimize the load for fuel efficiency and to prevent unnecessary wear on the truck. Operators typically drive the truck over the axle scale slowly, allowing each axle to be weighed individually. Some systems are advanced enough to weigh the truck in motion, while others require the truck to stop for each axle to be weighed.

How Does a Truck Scale Work?

A truck scale works by using a system of load cells, which are sensors that measure the pressure or force exerted on them. When a truck drives onto the scale platform, the load cells beneath the platform measure the weight of the truck and convert this pressure into an electrical signal. This signal is then processed by the scale’s computer to calculate the total weight of the truck.

Truck scales are designed to handle very heavy loads, often up to 100,000 pounds or more, which is the typical maximum weight for trucks on many roads. They can be either above ground, with ramps leading up to the platform, or pit-mounted, where the scale is level with the surrounding ground for easier access. The scale displays the weight on a digital or analog readout, allowing for easy recording and management of weight data.

These scales are essential tools in logistics, construction, agriculture, and any industry requiring the transportation of heavy goods, ensuring that vehicles are safely and legally loaded for travel on public roads.

Do Truck Scales Weigh Each Axle?

Yes, truck scales can be designed to weigh each axle of a truck individually. This type of scale, often referred to as an axle scale, allows for the measurement of the weight on each axle to ensure that the load is properly distributed and complies with legal weight limits.
Axle scales can be portable or permanent installations and are crucial for preventing overloading, which can lead to fines and increased wear and tear on roadways.

Are Portable Truck Axle Scales Accurate?

Portable truck scales are engineered to provide highly accurate measurements, crucial for business operations, legal compliance, and safety. The accuracy is typically within 0.1% to 0.25% of the actual weight, depending on the scale’s design and quality. Factors influencing their accuracy include:
Calibration: Regular calibration is essential to maintain accuracy. Scales must be calibrated upon installation, after being moved, or after any significant impact or change in the weighing surface.
Maintenance: Proper maintenance prevents issues that can affect accuracy, such as debris buildup, wear and tear on load cells, and corrosion.
Environmental Conditions: Temperature fluctuations, humidity, and vibrations can impact the scale’s accuracy. High-quality portable truck scales are designed to minimize these effects.
Surface and Installation: The surface on which the scale is placed must be stable and level. Even small inclines or instability can cause inaccuracies.
Legal-for-trade: Despite the high accuracy of our truck axle scales, they are not legal-for-trade. For commercial use, a weighbridge scale is required.

How Do Portable Truck Axle Scales Function?

Portable truck scales utilize a system of load cells, which are the critical components in determining weight. Here’s a more detailed look at the process:
Load Cells: These are transducers that convert a mechanical force into an electrical signal. When a truck is on the scale, the load cells experience compression, which is then converted into an electrical signal proportional to the force applied.
Signal Processing: The electrical signal from each load cell is transmitted to a junction box, which combines the signals. This combined signal is then sent to a digital indicator or computer system that processes and converts it into a weight reading.
Portability Features: These scales are designed for easy transport and setup. They typically come in modules that can be connected to form the full scale. Portability does not compromise their durability—high-quality models are built to withstand heavy use and various weather conditions.
Usage: Operators can quickly set up these scales on different sites, making them ideal for industries that require weighing capabilities in various locations. They are commonly used in construction, agriculture, waste management, and logistics.

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