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Wireless Load Cell Transmitter

The wireless receiver can work with any digital indicator that accepts a mV/V signal. To use the system you simply connect the wireless receiver to your indicator. When your digital indicator is turned on, the wireless receiver leaves sleep mode and sends a signal to the wireless transmitter (see wireless load cell transmitter) to also leave sleep mode. When the indicator is turned off, the wireless receiver and transmitter enters sleep mode and stop transmitting weight data. They work just like regular wire but no wires are needed between the scale and indicator.



  • Wireless receiver that fixes to any digital indicator
  • Can communicate with a wireless load cell transmitter or massload wireless scales
  • One channel and two channel models available
  • 900 MHz radio link for North America
  • Range: 100 to 150 ft line of sight
  • Power: 4 AA replaceable batteries
  • Life: over 200 hrs operating time

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Frequency 900 MHzfor North America
Range Wireless communication of 100 to 150 ft line of sight
Battery 4 AA replaceable batteries
Battery Life Over 200 hours of continuous operation
Battery Conservation Hibernates when indicator is turned off (see options)
Sends a signal to hibernate the receiver
Sample Rate 3 updates per second
Antenna Fully enclosed and protected
Calibration Stored in the weight indicator
Sealing Standard IP-51: protected from dust and from vertical drops of water

The Wireless Load Cell Receiver can be used with any digital indicator but the following are popular choices if the indicator is sourced from Massolad:



The M1 digital indicator is an entry level indicator that is easy to use and adaptable to a wide variety of applications. It has lots of extras such as peak/hold, cattle motion filtering, auto print function, and can be use as a key pad functional remote display, and as a low cost wired remote display as well.


The MAX Indicator has the most sophisticated cattle filtering option all our digital indicators.This ensures the highest degree of accuracy possible. It also comes with a stainless steel enclosure and is rated for outdoor use. It also has the MAX "shrink" option.


  • The M2000 digital indicator is a popular choice to use with the wireless receiver which mounts as an external box
  • This indicator is ideal if a remote score board is required or if safety defices need to be triggered at specified weights
  • See the M2000 for more details


  • The wireless transmitter can be used in conjunction with an M2000 via portable data case
  • All components including the wireless receiver, M2000, printer, and battery pack are contained in a water tight pelican carrying case.
  • See portable data case for more details. The system is identical except quick disconnect sockets are replaced with a "built in" wireless receiver with 1, 2 or 3 channels

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