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Tank Weighing Assemblies



  • Assemblies designed with tank weighing in mind
  • Tank scales are easy to install
  • Capacities are available for any size tank scale or hopper scale
  • Low pofile tank weighing
  • Not recommended if more than four legs are involved in the tank scale installation


Tank weighing assemblies provide unequalled performance as tank scales, hopper scales or for any application where load is applied from above. Due to the simple design, load cell replacement is made easy. Simply bolt or weld the bottom of the tank weighing assembly to the foundation and bolt or weld the top of the assembly to your tank leg. Load cell signals can then be summed through a summation box which is then wired to an indicator. A tank scale or hopper scale with three and four legs is easier to level and ensures best performance.



  • Capacities available: 25K, 50K, 75K, 100K, 125K pounds
  • Uses our 500 model double ended shear beam load cell
  • Load cells are industry standard and can be sourced from suppliers other than Massload



  • Capacities available: 1K,2K5, 4K, 5K, and 10K pounds
  • Uses our 100 model single ended shear beam load cell
  • Load cells are industry standard and can be sourced from suppliers other than Massload

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Summation boxes allow for a number of load cells to be connected together (at the tank scale) and then allow for a single "home run" cable to connect to the weight indicator. Summation boxes are available in different sizes (based on the number of connections) and in different enclosure types to cover a wide range of environments. The "Summation Card", located inside the box, can be ordered with or without adjustment potentiometers that allow for output adjustment and maximum accuracy.


Your system will need a digital weight indicator which should always be calibrated to the load cells on site for optimal performance. The MAX indicator shown here is a good choice because of its attractive price, stainless steel enclosure, and flexible power options (AC, DC or battery).


  • The M2000 digital indicator is a popular choice to use with the wireless receiver which mounts as an external box
  • This indicator is ideal if a remote score board is required or if safety devices need to be triggered at specified weights
  • See the M2000 for more details


The M1 digital indicator is an entry level indicator that is easy to use and adaptable to a wide variety of applications. It has lots of extras such as peak/hold, cattle motion filtering, auto print function, and can be use as a key pad functional remote display, and as a low cost wired remote display as well.