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Custom Load Cell

Massload specializes in the design and manufacture of custom load cells. If you have an application and cannot find a suitable loadcell, our engineering team will work with you to develop a load cell that will meet your requirements.


  • Custom load cells provide versatility for any load application
  • Custom designed to meet specific capacity, overload, and loading requirements

Load Cell Custom Features

  • Taylored to your specific capacity
  • Sized to meet your application
  • Safe overload capacities per your spec
  • Ultimate overload capacities per your spec
  • Temperature compensated to your spec
  • Material electro-less nickel plated or stainless as needed
  • mv/V or mA output as needed

Custom Load Cell Design Process

  • We start by discussing your weighing application. Typically our engineers will work with your management and/or engineers to identify the optimal load cell design
  • A price estimate is then provided
  • When you are ready to proceed, we typically request a 50% deposit on the order
  • Upon receipt of the deposit, we engineer the load cell and provide you with engineered drawings for final approval
  • When drawings are approved, production will commence
  • Delivery is typically 30 days from approval of engineering drawings if steel inventory is on hand

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We can supply 4-20 mA output versus standard mv/V signal. The design incorporates a load cell shield connection and polarity insensitive current loop connections. It is not susceptible to damage from shorting loop leads together or to ground during operation and is specifically designed for ESD hazardous environments.

  • Loop Voltage: 9 to 30 VDC
  • Operating Temp: -40°C to 125°C
  • Physical diameter: 1.22" (31 mm)
  • Physical height 0.6 (15 mm)
  • Works with 350 Ohm wire load cells


Should you require 0-10 volt output, we can also supply this signal converter. Because the mV signal is significantly amplified, the load cell will require an excellent ground. Careful handling must be made prior to grounding the load cell in order to ensure electrostatic damage doesn't happen to the board.

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