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About Us

Massload Technologies Inc. is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and was a spin off from University of Saskatchewan Technologies in 1980.

Massload began operations with a focus on strain gauge transducers and has since grown to become a leading supplier of high quality weighing products for a large number of Canadian and international customers. The company was purchased by new owners in 2007 and is privately owned. Massload Technologies focuses on the following activities:


Load Cell Production

  • Load cells convert mechanical energy to electrical energy which is measured to determine weight
  • Massload is the largest load cell manufacturer in Canada
  • A complete line of industry standard load cells are available
  • Made in Canada load cells are of the highest quality and come with two to four year warrantees
  • Custom load cells can be designed and manufactured for unique systems
  • Imported load cells are available for customers looking for lowest price


Electronics Assembly

  • Massload designs and assembles a number of electronic components to work in conjunction with load cells and other scale components for the weighing industry
  • Digital indicators are made in-house
  • Computer interface devices are made in-house
  • Wireless instrumentation is made in-house


Software Design

  • Massload designs software to use in conjunction with our electronic instrumentation
  • Dynamic weighing is our most sophisticated weighing process and weight-in-motion (WIM) software is the most advanced product we carry
  • Massload develops and maintains many software products for a number of weighing applications
  • Software development is an ongoing activity and we actively make improvements based on customer requests


Complete Scale Systems

  • Massload assembles complete weighing systems for various applications
  • Systems are calibrated at the factory and shipped to customers ready for use
  • Most solutions are for vehicle weighing and crane weighing but we also maintain systems for agricultural, industrial, and custom applications