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  • 84" x 30" axle pads for dual axle truck weight
  • 144" x 30" axle pads for tri-axle truck weight
  • 6" low profile for ease of use
  • Wheel load accurate to within 0.25% FS
  • Calibrated with fully tracable certified weights
  • Axle scales can be used on gravel surfaces
  • Forklift portable for use in multiple locations
  • Four year warranty on axle pad frame
  • Two year warranty on truck scale load cells
  • Check weight to avoid overweight fines


These weight pads have a very large weighing surface and low profile making them our easiest method of determining truck axle weight.  These weight pads are typically sold in pairs but can also be sold in multiples to get complete trailer or truck weight in one weighment.  Truck axle scales can be used with ramps for above ground installations or flush with concrete for a pit-installed permanent application.  Above ground installations are forklift portable and should be used with quick disconnect cable (see options).


Rated Capacity 84" axle scale: 30,000 lb per pad (60,000 lb per axle grouping) and
144" axle scale: 40,000 lb per pad (80,000 lb per axle grouping)
Load Cells

ML 1100-25K (Output: 2mV/V)

Accuracy Wheel loads accurate to 0.25% FS nominal
Overload Capacity

150% full scale safe overload (electronics protected)
300% full scale ultimate overload (metal protected)

Temperature Range

-40ºC to +80ºC (operating), -10ºC to +40ºC (compensated)

Graduation 20 lb (30,000 and 40,000 lb capacity)
Weight 715 lb per pad (84") and 1188 lb per pad (144")
Material Heavy duty high strength steel
Fatigue Limit

Infinate cycles per day (wheel loads)

Ground Requirements Accuracy and repeatability of the wheel loas are directly affected by the scale foundation.  Cement is best for obtaining truck axle weight, pavement next best, gravel is least perferred but certainly usable

84" x 30" x 6" (weighing surface) or
144" x 30" x 6" (weighing surface)

Sealing Standard IP-66: totally porotected from dust; protected from strong jets of water

Axle scales are powered by a wired load cell display

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