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Portable Data Case

This case houses an industry standard M2000 Digital readout, a fast 1 1/2" roll printer, and high capacity battery all in a waterproof pelican carrying case. Military style quick-disconnect sockets allow you to easily plug your scales into and out of the system. An RS232 socket is also present to connect to a remote display or for interface with a computer to allow access for data storage. The three channel indicator is capable of operating three independant scales or can provide a single display for multiple scale decks.

Battery Charger

The Model PSC-12800A automatic dual rate charger for sealed lead acid batteries is one of the highest quality products on the market. This charger switches from "fast charge" to "float charge" automatically and LEDs provide a visual indication of the charging mode. This type of charger protects the battery from being overcharged.

The PSC-12800A is only a charger, and will not power the system on its own.



Portable weighing system with:

  • M2000 Three Channel Digital Indicator
  • Dot Matrix Printer
  • High capacity battery (12V/7 amp hr)
  • Recharging adapter
  • Three quick disonnect military style plugs
  • External RS232 port
  • Water-tight Pelican carrying case

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Additional Information

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Indicator 3 channel M2000 Digital Indicator
Battery 12V/7 amp hour rechargeable battery
Provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation on fully charged battery (system battery level indicator available for operator use)
Replacement batteries are commonly available at most electrical supply stores
Printer Impact dot matrix; 1.5" tape printer
Connectors Channel connectors are industry standard amphenol type
DB9 serial connector (9 pin male)
Switches ON / OFF / CHARGE toggle switch
Dimensions 13 1.2" wide, 11 3/4" long, 6" high
Weight 15 pounds
Sealing Standard IP-66: totally protected from dust and from strong jets of water
IP-50: protected from dust but not from water (when open)


The M2000 can be programmed to produce custom tickets for specific applications. If you have any special ticketing requirements, we can create a ticketing program that meets your exact requirements.


The portable data case can be made wireless (see wireless receiver for more details). The system looks identical to a standard data case except the quick disonnect sockets are replaced with a wireless receiver.

Please click on the following links to download or view additional information:

Please click on the following links to download or view additional information: