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Product Designer

Product Designer

Product Designer

The job of a Product Designer is one of the most important jobs in any production process. Product design involves some strategic and tactical processes, from the conception of ideas to the commercialisation of products. How well a product will be accepted can also be linked to its design alongside several other factors.

As long as aesthetic features are concerned, a product designer is needed. Product designing is a task involving the creation of items, ranging from the design of some simple day to day items like clothes, shoes and household appliances to some complex featured items like cars, houses, high tech gadgets, industrial tools and equipment.

At Tarlow Design, we have more than 30 years of experience in product design, and we have designed and developed more than 500 consumer product. Such vast expertise in product design means that we can effectively apply all we have learned so far to your product. Continue reading to find out more on what makes a great product design.

What Makes a Great Product Designer?

Gaining insights into consumer’s behaviour through survey research is one of the best ways product designers can perfect the look a product, while ensuring that users get the intended experience.

As a Product Designer, your work might involve working on a new product entirely or improving existing ones. The job of a Product Designer also involves improving the usability of everyday items. Your responsibility among many others, includes the juggling of different tasks, meeting with clients, working on ideas, identifying suitable and available materials, making working models or samples and so on. Product design process involves:


Creating a model

Production of prototypes


As a Product Designer, you may also be required to work alongside engineers and a couple of other arms involved in the production process. This means having great communication skills, amongst others.


Our Product Design Elements

Tarlow Design is a company that has taken giant strides in consumer product design. At Tarlow Design, we can help turn your great ideas into reality. We work with inventors, entrepreneurs, and individuals who know the importance of good aesthetics in the production process and can help refine their ideas to match the product description and meet public demand. We do this through series of strategic operations which includes knowing:

What problem we are solving,

Where and how the product we are replacing failed to solve the problem,

The price people are willing to pay to get the problem solved,

The number of people having this problem,

The cost of development,

The key features that need to be included to attract investors.

In addition to our creative skills we have a great team of top-notch engineers and model-builders who are always available to deliver high featured and cost-effective services. Our aim is to arrive at a great and ideal product design to match our client’s budget whilst still maintaining the quality and standard of the company’s services. New consumer products go through series of processes before finally meeting demands. Our approach to problems solving when it comes to consumer product design is a holistic one, as our team of Product Designers take a systematic approach to providing answers to pressing questions regarding the products and production process.

For your new product design, please contact Ken Tarlow and Tarlow Design at 415-726-1354.

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