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Shear Pin Load Cells

Read about the benefits of shear pin load cells for manufacturing vehicle weight scales and choose Massload's equipment for your permanent or mobile location. We use the highest-quality materials to manufacture top-grade weight scales, with custom-designed products that fit every imaginable budget and need.

Weigh Hopper Load Cell

Learn how a quality-made weight hopper load cell can make a big difference in the accuracy of your vehicle weigh scales; visit Massload online to check out our industrial weighing equipment or call one of our product experts for more information. If you need an affordable weighing solution, we have it.

Weigh in Motion Truck Scale

Invest in a quality weigh in motion truck scale that can meet your portable weighing needs. Massload has the perfect set-up that can offer accuracy and dependability when your location changes quickly. You'll find more information about our portable and permanent weight-in-motion systems on our website.

Vehicle Scales

You'll always find the best prices on vehicle scales when you shop online at Massload- we have the perfect set-up for every need, whether permanent or mobile. Browse our website to check out axle pad scales, ultraslim and standard wheel load scales, high-traffic permanent weight-in-motion scales, and portable options, as well.

Vehicle Weight Scales

Why choose Massload for your vehicle weight scales? Canadian manufacture, quality materials, and exceptional engineering make our products the best choice when investing in portable or permanent weight scales. We have many options to choose from, including axle pad, wheel load, and mobile equipment.

Crane Weight Indicator

Invest in a top-quality crane weight indicator from Massload when accuracy and durability matter- we manufacture the best industrial weighing equipment in North America- products that stand the test of time and streamline your workload to make crane weighing easier. Don't hesitate to contact us with product inquiries.

Portable Truck Weight Scales

Trust Massload for portable truck weight scales designed for accuracy and durability- we have equipment geared toward every budget. Our quality weight solutions are manufactured in North America, designed to deliver exceptional value to our customers. See our complete line of products available on our website.

Axle Pad Scales

Axle pad scales manufactured by Canadian company Massload are extremely durable and accurate, built with load cells on a rugged steel platform and features single user weighing in a matter of seconds. Reach out to Massload product specialists with your questions or contact us to recommend a weighing solution.

Mobile Vehicle Weighing Scale

When you need a mobile vehicle weighing scape that fits your budget, rely on Massload for a portable weight-in-motion scale that takes less than 30 minutes to set up. If your weighing location is constantly changing, we have a quality set-up that is exceptionally affordable and designed to meet your mobile needs.

Crane Hook Load Sensors

Speak with our team from Massload about crane scales solutions and crane hook load sensors when you need reliable and accurate equipment for weighing purposes. We're happy to answer your questions and direct you to the best crane scale solution for your set-up. Explore our website for additional information.

Tank Load Cells

Find out how Massload's tank load cells can improve the accuracy of your weighing equipment and save you time during operations. Contact Massload for more information about our industrial scales or continue to explore the information on our website to better understand the quality we have to offer you.

Wireless Load Cells

Learn about the many advantages of wireless load cells for industrial weighing equipment and reach out to Massload for all of your vehicle weigh scale needs. When accuracy matters most, we have a quality scale set-up that is both budget-friendly and affordable, available for permanent locations and mobile areas.

Weighing Scale Manufacturers

When comparing weighing scale manufacturers, keep Massload in mind for the quality you depend on day in and day out. We manufacture high-grade equipment designed for accuracy and affordability, products you can count on to deliver superior efficiency. Let us know if we can assist you in selecting the right scale solution.

Tension Link Load Cell

You're searching for a scale solution powered by a tension link load cell; look no further than Massload for the highest quality scale solutions in North America. our Canadian designed and manufactured equipment is appropriate for all industrial environments, including mobile and permanent locations where vehicle weighing is required.

Tension Load Cells

Browse tension load cells and weighing solutions online at Massload and speak with our product experts if you have questions about getting set up with one of our vehicle scales- we have something for every budget, guaranteed to ensure accurate results, even under high-traffic conditions. Call to speak with a Massload pro today.
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