Weighing Scale Manufacturers

Weighing Scale Manufacturers

Weighing scale solutions are essential in transport and manufacturing processes. They are applicable in ensuring consistent weights and determining the shipping cost. Industrial scales have a design that provides proper scales without overwhelming the system. The right scale offers countless benefits so you can find the right solution for the best product quality, fast operations, and quick compliance to trade regulations.

The quality of the industrial scales is entirely dependent on the quality of the weighing scale manufacturers. There are certain conditions one should study to ensure they buy the ultimate match for all weighing tasks.

Massload started as an initiative of the University of Saskatchewan Technologies in 1980. It focuses on creating products that are of massive benefit to the machine operations in Canada and other international areas. The firm specializes in many different productions, including the productions of load cells.

Qualities of our manufacturing company


We bet that the first question you ask is whether the weighing scales will suit the job. The most crucial factor is that the scale you buy operates to give the right results for the needed measurement. The weighing scale by Massload adapts to different environmental conditions, including wet and outdoor settings. Our high-precision weighing scale company understands that our consumers are vastly contrasting climatic spaces; hence we must design tools to accommodate different lifespan strains.

Weight capacity

Are you looking to weigh heavy or small trucks? Each of our scales has a different purpose for various weight capacities. It would help if you looked at our online descriptions to understand the maximum and minimum weight capacity. We diversify our processes to create scales for the heaviest or lightest scales. Most importantly, all weights may weigh increments of an absolute value for the most precise results.


The right budget may be too high for you to get all the weighing scales needed for your operations. We determine the size of the scale to set the correct account. 

It is important to remember that the cheapest options will ultimately become the most expensive in the long-run. Our prices have the perfect balance between long and short-term goals for the benefit of your business. We understand that trucks are a significant investment; hence you need a friendly price tag to replace, repair and maintain the load cells without risking financial losses.


As stated earlier, Massload serves a variety of clients in Canada and beyond. We have scales that suit different mechanical functions, including the following:

  • Medical laboratories
  • Agricultural industries that need floor scales
  • Construction and mining fields that need extensive and sturdy scales for different weather conditions

Massload is the largest industrial scale manufacturer of load cells globally and has the highest quality of products for different functions. Our products have two to four-year warranties for the satisfaction of the client. It would help if you chose a weighing scale with highly precise analytical results. We are reachable on 1-800-667-3825 if you want a scale that suits your exact manufacturing concept and maintains long-term operations at a reasonable budget.


Weighing Scale Manufacturers
Massload Technologies Inc.
+1 306-242-2020
90-4060 Langer Avenue
Saskatoon SK S7P 0E7 CA

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Weighing Scale Manufacturers Weighing Scale Manufacturers Weighing Scale Manufacturers