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  • Turn your computer into a wireless indicator to monitor scale activity
  • USB connection
  • Uses Wireless Desktop Software
  • Software can read up to 10 channels (separate scales)
  • Save channel data to the database
  • Export data to Excel or text files for archiving
  • Customizable weighing reports


This computer weighing system allows you to transmit data wirelessly from your scale or loadcell to your computer.  It uses a USB cable to connect to your computer system and utilizes Wireless Desktop as the software interface.  Wireless desktop essentially turns your computer into a computer weighing system as there are various data management features that give it more versatility than a standard digital indicator.


  • Calibrate each channel individually
  • Create / Edit / Delete your own custom database fields
  • Export data to excel or text files for archiving
  • Save channel data to the database
  • Customizable weighing reports
  • View up to 10 channels on the screen simultaneously



Frequency 900 MHz for North America; 868 MHz for Europe
Range Wireless communication of 100 to 150 feet line of sight
Battery Powered by the computer
Sample Rate 3 updates per second
Antenna Fully enclosed and protected
Calibration Stored on the device (up to two calibration points)
Sealing Standard IP-50: protected from dust; no protection from water

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